What are the types of false eyelashes

What are the types of false eyelashes

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False eyelashes are a common makeup tool. Women with short or thick eyelashes can apply false eyelashes. In fact, there are many types of false eyelashes. So what are the types of false eyelashes? What is the artificial eyelash silk material?


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First, what are the types of false eyelashes?


1. Manual eyelashes; use the detergent to pull up the eyelashes by the root, which is beautifully made and very practical. However, the process is complex and output is limited by labor.


2. Semi-manual eyelashes; the first few processes are done by machine, and the last two processes are also done manually. The finished eyelashes are relatively flat and beautiful.


3. Mechanical eyelashes; it is mainly made by machines, but a small part requires manual labor. This product is beautiful in appearance, low in cost and large in output.


Second, what are the types of false eyelashes?


1. Natural types; natural shapes are also called elegant shapes. It is longer, tighter and more curved than real lashes. If you like naturally beautiful lashes and don't like being spotted and processed, this style is great! Suitable for work and low profile needs. This style puts less pressure on the lashes and is comfortable on the eyes. If you are using eyelashes for the first time, this style is recommended.


2. Dense; Dense shapes, also known as Barbie shapes, are encrypted according to natural shapes. One real eyelash plus two or three false eyelashes. The eyes will be huge and the makeup will be very strong when you are done. When people look at you, they're attracted to shiny lashes. At the same time, it is also a magic weapon for boosting self-confidence in social situations.


3. Section Chief; Exaggerated shapes, also known as Cleopatra, are dense shapes based on densification and extension. It is 1 times longer than the actual eyelashes, and the density is 3~4 times that of the actual eyelashes. Very pretty when done , but with short and few lashes. They can't stand the length and density of this style. At the same time, it will remain shorter.


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