What are the ways to extend eyelashes

What are the ways to extend eyelashes

lengthen eyelashes

What are the ways to extend eyelashes? Eyelashes are a type of hair that grows around the edges of the eyes to protect the eyes. If a dusty foreign object touches the eyelashes, the eyelid will be closed, which can prevent the eyeball from being stimulated by unfavorable factors. Long eyelashes are what every girl wants, some people are born with long eyelashes, and for some people whose eyelashes are not very long, it can also be changed by the day after tomorrow. The length of eyelashes is different for everyone. If the eyelashes are too short, you can use the correct method to lengthen the eyelashes. Let Meteor lashes factory explain to you the ways to lengthen the lower eyelashes.


What are the ways to extend eyelashes


1. Apply mascara


People with short eyelashes can use mascara to improve their length if they want to make their eyelashes longer immediately. However, mascara is a cure for the symptoms but not the root cause. After removing makeup, the eyelashes will return to their original state, so this method is only used for emergencies and cannot be permanently improved.


2. Grafting eyelashes


Now that beauty technology is getting more and more advanced, false eyelashes can be grafted onto the eyelashes to increase the length of the eyelashes, and the results can be seen very quickly. However, this method is not permanent. Generally, the grafted eyelashes will gradually fall off after two to three years, so that the effect will disappear.


3. Use eyelash growth liquid


The way to make eyelashes longer is to use eyelash growth liquid, which should be purchased in a regular beauty hospital, so as to avoid the bad quality of eyelash growth liquid and cause damage to the eye skin. Some elements in the eyelash growth liquid can promote the growth of eyelashes, and the effect can be seen after a period of time.


4. Apply false eyelashes


Applying false eyelashes can instantly lengthen the eyelashes, but like brushing mascara, it only improves temporarily, and there is no way to maintain the effect permanently. And often attaching false eyelashes will increase the appearance rate of wrinkles around the eyes and make the eyes sagging and sagging.


5. Grow eyelashes


Eyelash planting is one of the ways to make eyelashes longer. It is to extract healthy hair follicle tissue from the back occipital area and transplant it to the place where the eye needs it through special separation. When the hair follicle survives, new eyelashes can grow. The eyelashes will get longer and longer, and you can trim the eyelashes according to your own needs to maintain the proper length.


What are the ways to extend eyelashes


The above is to explain to you "what are the ways to extend eyelashes", we must choose the appropriate way to improve and extend eyelashes according to our own needs. If you use makeup to grow your eyelashes, you should do a good job of removing makeup every day, and don't let makeup products stay on the eye area for a long time, so as not to cause excessive damage to the eye skin. If you use the method of grafting eyelashes or planting eyelashes to improve, you need to use the correct method to care after you are done, which can make it last longer.