What do eyelashes do? How to properly care for eyelashes?

What do eyelashes do

How to properly care for eyelashes

Eyelashes are two rows of semi-arc-shaped short hairs that grow on the upper and lower eyelid margins.


What do eyelashes do? How to properly care for eyelashes?


Eyelash protection for human eyes: Many people think that long, dense and black eyelashes look beautiful. But the physiological function of eyelashes is not to increase the beauty of the human body. It is a "curtain" for the eyes, which can not only cover the eyes to avoid strong light, but also prevent dust from falling into the eyes. Eyelashes also prevent UV damage to the eyes.


Eyelashes are an important part of the human eye, and it also determines whether a person looks good or not. Eyelashes are two rows of semi-arc-shaped short hairs that grow on the upper and lower eyelid margins. It protects the cornea and eyeball together with the eyelid. Generally speaking, people with slightly longer eyelashes should give people a more comfortable feeling.


What are the functions of eyelashes?


Eyelashes have a certain protective effect on the eyes and are a line of defense for the eyes. Anything close to the eye must first touch the eyelashes, which immediately causes the eye-closing reflex to protect the eyeball from external violations. Eyelashes protect the eyes. If the human body goes to a place with more dust, the eyelashes will play a certain role, and the eyelids will be closed reflexively, thus protecting the eyes from damage. Similarly, when there is sweat and sunlight contacting the eyes, a similar reaction will occur. . It is because of the existence of eyelashes that the eyes are not harmed by these foreign objects in normal times.


Will the eyelashes be cut longer?


In the concept of most people, eyelashes seem to be cut longer and longer, in fact, the length and number of eyelashes are determined by genetics. Generally, eyelashes will fall off naturally, and new eyelashes will grow in two months. If you usually trim your eyelashes, no matter how you cut them, there will be no big change. If the eyelashes are excessively trimmed at ordinary times, it will cause certain harm, because at this time, the eyelashes are likely to fail to protect the eyes, so that foreign objects can easily invade the eyes.


What are the tips for taking care of eyelashes?


Most people will definitely put a lot of effort into their eyelashes in the process of grooming themselves, but it is more troublesome when removing makeup. If you do not remove it cleanly at this time, it is easy to cause the eyelashes to be contaminated, which is not only harmful to the eyes, but also affects the growth of the eyelashes themselves. In the process of removing makeup, use a cotton pad. At this time, be careful and clean every detail. If you find that there is still some residue on the eyelashes, use more makeup remover to rub it off.


Under normal circumstances, in the process of removing makeup, try to remove makeup twice, so as to be able to do enough clean. Do this no matter how light the makeup is, and do it twice before washing.


After knowing this knowledge, you can protect your eyelashes well. Most women may be more concerned about their eyelashes, so they should pay attention to some care of their eyelashes in peacetime, especially in the process of removing makeup, only by being extremely meticulous can they keep them clean, and at the same time give eyelashes a A relatively normal growing environment. Of course, even if the eyelashes grow longer, it will not grow too much, because the most important factor is heredity. If you feel that your eyelashes are relatively short, you can achieve it by extending the eyelashes. Generally, eyelashes are planted and artificially made false eyelashes with better quality can also be used to extend the eyelashes. If you want to know more about eyelashes, please contact Meteor lashes factory to answer your questions.