What is a good eyelash shampoo?

What is a good eyelash shampoo

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Eyelashes are the best benchmark to set off a pair of eyes. Thick eyelashes can protect the eyes from the intrusion of subtle objects from the outside world, and make the eyes more piercing. In particular, female friends who love beauty pay more attention to the role of eyelashes. But many people don't have thick lashes, and the only ones they have are falling out. Just like hair needs regular maintenance, eyelashes also need maintenance. So we have to choose a good eyelash shampoo to maintain eyelashes. So, What is a good eyelash shampoo?

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Is eyelash shampoo useful?

The answer of course is that eyelash shampoo is useful. But this is also divided. For example, we use shampoo, and what you want is anti-dandruff shampoo. If you use oil-control shampoo or moisturizing shampoo, then dandruff will definitely not go away.

Therefore, when we use eyelash shampoo, we also need to understand the function and effect of eyelash shampoo.

What is a good eyelash shampoo

The main ingredient of Eyelash shampoo.

The biological enzyme "EPM" contained in Eyelash shampoo is composed of 10 amino acids and is a part of the protein that forms human tissues. It can manufacture hair cells and form tissues, while activating the dormant secondary hair follicle germ tissue, making the hair follicle cells in the resting phase. Return to the level of division and growth in the developmental period, prompting rapid growth of eyelashes. Eyelash shampoo is suitable for people with sparse eyelashes, short eyelashes, eyelashes after illness or postpartum.

The effect of Eyelash shampoo.

main function. Promote the normal growth of eyelashes, improve the symptoms of unrecovered hair follicles, and make eyelashes denser and longer. Since the hair follicle tissue of the eyelashes is at the end of the blood circulation, various physiological and pathological reasons of the human body can cause insufficient nutritional supply of the cells of the eyelashes and eyebrows, which is also the main reason for the sparseness of eyelashes and eyebrows in most people.

How to choose eyelash shampoo?

The main ingredients of Eyelash shampoo are protein and vitamin E. All eyelash shampoos are the same, so how should one choose? It mainly depends on the level of vitamin E and protein. The smaller the level, the easier it is to be absorbed. For example, nano-level vitamin E, nano-level protein, nano-level vitamin E is very easy to be absorbed by pores, but products that can reach nano-level, the price Also relatively expensive. Therefore, if you want a good effect, it mainly depends on the level of vitamin E and protein.

What is a good eyelash shampoo

How to use Lash Shampoo properly?

1. Clean it first. When we apply eyelash shampoo, we must clean up the stains or grease on the eyelashes, so that eyelash shampoo can be absorbed more easily. Clean-up method, if you apply mascara, you need to use a makeup remover to remove makeup. Then wash again with cleanser, and then rinse with water. In this way, there is no oil on the eyelashes after washing, and it is easier to absorb the eyelash shampoo.

2. Apply eyelash shampoo. Not dense eyelashes, short eyelashes, and thin eyelashes are the main reasons for brushing eyelash shampoo. Therefore, the eyelash shampoo should be brushed to the root of the eyelashes, and the closer to the eyelid, the better, so that more short and thin eyelashes can be applied to the eyelash shampoo. But be careful, do not brush on other parts, such as the face, this will also speed up the growth of the hair on the face, if brushed, you should immediately dry or wash.

3. Control the cleaning time. Need to clean the oil from the eyelashes and need to rest, so the best time to apply eyelash shampoo at night is before going to bed. Brush on eyelash shampoo, then go to sleep easily, let lashes grow fast in sleep, this is a very hassle-free method, so women can use this method.

4. Insist on using. Cleaning eyelashes is the same as losing weight. The key is persistence. If you fish for three days and dry for two days, then the effect must be very poor. So, stick to it for a month or two, and you will definitely see the effect.

5. Protect eyelashes. During the use of Lash Shampoo, it is best not to graft false eyelashes, not to clip eyelashes, not to perm eyelashes.

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It is recommended to choose Lash Shampoo with nano-level vitamin E and protein. Before use, be sure to clean up the oil on the eyelashes, apply it to the roots of the eyelashes, and keep using it so as not to damage the eyelashes.

The above is "what are the methods of eyelash extension" for you. If you want your eyelashes to be well maintained, Lash Shampoo is still necessary. China Meteor lashes factory is a professional supplier of Lash Shampoo, welcome customers and friends at home and abroad to wholesale and customize Lash Shampoo.