What is a hybrid eyelash extension? How is the effect?

What is a hybrid eyelash extension

hybrid eyelash extension

Hybrid eyelash extension is a word that is often mentioned in the eyelash grafting industry at present, but many friends who are not particularly familiar with eyelash grafting may not know what hybrid eyelash extension is, so the understanding of this technology is still It is very necessary, and everyone needs to know what its specific effect is.


Hybrid eyelash extension


1. Brief introduction to technology


What is a hybrid eyelash extension? In fact, he uses different types of eyelashes, and the overall length of this type of eyelashes will be longer than our own eyelashes. Through the specific effects and length extensions brought by different types, our own eyelashes can be made It looks easy and slender, and is now more popular among consumers in the eyelash grafting industry.


2. high degree of naturalness


After understanding what hybrid eyelash extensions are, it is also necessary to introduce the advantages. In this way, the overall naturalness is relatively high, which is better than the specific effect of using a single section of hair. It looks more like our natural growth of eyelashes, rather than subsequent planting, which is naturally thick The effect is more suitable with any makeup look.


3. the effect is better


Everyone must care about the relative effect of grafting eyelashes, but the specific effect brought by many eyelashes grafting is not particularly good, and the specific persistence time is not very good, and everyone is understanding what is mixed eyelashes After expansion, you will find that the overall effect of this method is very good, and it can persist for a relatively long time while maintaining a more natural state.


What is a hybrid eyelash extension? How is the effect?


What is a Hybrid Lash Extensions? After reading the above content, do you have a certain understanding of this problem? If you want to graft eyelashes, it is indeed a better way, the effect is better, the naturalness is higher, and the fees are also high. Relatively reasonable, so the overall price/performance ratio is still very good.