What is Classic Eyelash Growth Fluid? What is its rationale?

What is Classic Eyelash Growth Fluid

What is its rationale

Classic Eyelash

Recently, in the process of understanding eyelash grafting, I saw a very interesting word - classic eyelash growth liquid. There may be a lot of friends about this word, but they don't particularly know what it means, so let's take a look at it today. What is the classic eyelash growth liquid.


What is Classic Eyelash Growth Fluid


Products with better effect


When it comes to what is a classic eyelash growth liquid, if you look at the specific product recommendations, you will find that it is a product that has a relatively good effect in promoting eyelash growth. In addition, at the public level and word of mouth level, the overall performance is very good. , and has a certain reputation and supporters in the market. It does not specifically refer to a certain brand, if the effect is better, it can be classified into this category.


Maybe some friends have wondered what the principle of eyelash growth liquid is? So after we understand what the classic eyelash growth liquid is, let's understand what the specific principle is.


Eyelash growth cycle


To understand this part, you need to have a certain understanding of the growth cycle of eyelashes. Eyelashes have the shortest lifespan among all kinds of hairs in our body. The average lifespan is about four months. During the entire growth process Among them, there will be three processes of growth, regression, and rest. The rest period is about 2-3 weeks.


Eyelash growth liquid is a product that mainly acts on the telogen phase, because its main components have the content that can repair the hair follicle germ tissue, which can effectively promote the rapid growth of eyelashes, and restore the vitality of the hair follicles in the telogen phase. So as to achieve the effect of promoting the growth of eyelashes.


In the process of understanding what is a classic eyelash growth liquid, it is also necessary to understand its basic principles, so that it will be more helpful for everyone to choose products or understand products, so as to avoid everyone being misled by sales staff. Avoid choosing products that are not suitable for you.