What is the effect of 25mm Lashes

What is the effect of 25mm Lashes


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Long and curled eyelashes are the envy of many people, and also make people more attractive. Good-looking eyelashes can create a unique temperament, making people stand out from the crowd and make people have outstanding temperament. Especially female friends hope that they have a pair of false eyelashes that can be shiny, which can better show their charm. Generally speaking, 25mm Lashes are used by more people, so what is the effect of 25mm Lashes?

What is the effect of 25mm Lashes

25mm Lashes use effect:

1. 25mm Lashes don't look like it's always so short, in fact, it will grow and fall off at the same time. Usually when I wash my face or when some MMs rub their eyes, the eyelashes will fall off. Typically, grafted 25mm Lashes can last for about a month and a half to two months.

2. Grafting 25mm Lashes also depends on the quality of your innate eyelashes. If the eyelashes are thick and curled, the effect of this kind of eyelashes is the best. After grafting eyelashes, not only thick, curled but also a lot of growth, but also very natural and comfortable. If your own eyelashes are short and not curled enough, you can try hair follicle transplantation.

The above is to introduce to you "How about the effect of 25mm Lashes". Although the eyelashes will grow slowly, it takes time. If you want to quickly make your eyelashes full of sexy charm, we recommend you to use 25mm Lashes. This eyelashes Not only the use time is long, but also the density is good, the workmanship is fine, it is a good choice.