What material are false eyelashes made of?

What material are false eyelashes made of

false eyelashes

Many people choose false eyelashes because their eyelashes are scarce and short. Eyelashes can bring them more confidence. There are many types of false eyelashes, and the materials used are also different. Good false eyelashes are used for a long time, and the production process is relatively fine, so we should consider its material when choosing false eyelashes. So, what material are false eyelashes made of?


false eyelashes


1. Material of false eyelashes:


1), true and false eyelashes;


Made from natural hair such as mink, horse hair, and even human hair and eyebrows. This kind of false eyelashes is similar to human hair, very soft, a little oily, naturally curly and warped. The whole eyelashes are very similar to our own eyelashes, so it is almost confused with real eyelashes, and the naturalness is very good.


2), artificial fiber false eyelashes;


It is synthesized and woven from chemical fibers. Combined with the sharpening process, the fiber wool tail is sharpened, and the thickness is clear. The lashes are firm, well-arranged, and have a consistent curvature. The gloss of the eyelashes under the light is higher than that of W Eyelash Extension and false eyelashes, and the naturalness is slightly lower than that of real eyelashes and false eyelashes.


2. The role of false eyelashes:


1. Improving image: Wearing false eyelashes can improve one's own image, and the agitation of false eyelashes can increase temperament, especially the transparent design of false eyelashes, which can completely shoot the eyelashes on the face, and the false eyelashes can make the eyes beautiful and charming;


2. Show the outline of the eyes: the arrangement of the eyelashes is semi-curved. The eyelashes can set off the outline of the eyes and make the eyes more charming. The eyelashes on the upper eyelid will be longer and denser than those on the lower eyelid. The eyelashes are black and bright and slightly upward For the sake of beauty, false eyelashes are an important modification of women's faces;


3. False eyelashes can protect the eyes: False eyelashes are the "protective umbrella" of the eyes, the second line of defense arranged on the edge of the eyelid fissure. Anything close to the eyes must first touch the false eyelashes, which will cause the eyes to have a closed-eye reflex, thereby protecting the eyeballs from external violations. False eyelashes have the benefit of shading and prevent dust and sweat from entering the eyes.