What's the difference Between Natural, Glitter & Hybrid Lash Extensions?

What's the difference Between Natural

Glitter & Hybrid Lash Extensions

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Natural Lash Extensions

Glitter Lash Extensions

Hybrid Lash Extensions

If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions there different terms used for different techniques that you should undertsand. There are Natural, Glitter & Hybrid Lash Extensions which each one is a different technique and we are going to cover the grounds of them all. One thing that each technique has in common when it comes to the installation is the isolation process. This is where you take one natural lash and get in-between your isolation tweezers so that when you place your extension, it won't get stuck to other lashes. So lets get to it!


What are Natural Lash Extensions?


Natural lash extensions blend into your original eyelashes, glamorize your eyes, and without damaging your natural lashes. Lash extensions should not make your eyes look as artificial as a doll's, which means you need extensions with the right length, curl, and thickness. Natural lash extension application typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours and the results should be soft, natural-looking lashes. Classic lashes won't add much volume but will add length. Classic extensions offer an even lash line that opens up the eye.


Natural Lash Extensions


What are Glitter Lash Extensions?


Perfectly refined glitter for eyelashes infused with prismatic, light-reflecting pearls to create stunning, sparkling eyes or accents. Multi-dimensional and highly reflective, these glitters deliver an intense shine and sparkle. Glitter lashes are typically used to accent a look and not done as a full set. The cosmetic grade glitter used to make these beautiful lashes will shed (fall-out) slightly during the application process when handling the lashes, and shed over time depending on how hard your client is on their lashes or environmental conditions. After shedding is  complete your client will be left with beautiful extensions. Use with Flat Lashes or Volume Lashes. Because of the clumpy and heaviness, glitter lashes may only last up to 2-4 weeks.


Glitter Lash Extensions


What are hybrid lashes extensions?


A Hybrid lash treatment is a combination of two techniques: Volume (SVS or Russian) and Individual lash extensions (Extend). Taking the best bits from both treatments, Hybrid Lashes will give you volume and length, resulting in a wispy, textured lash extension look that last for up to 10 weeks. Hybrid lashes are a 70-30 mixture of both classic lashes and volume lashes. Choosing hybrid extensions gives your clients the best of both worlds. The look is achieved by mixing classic lashes and volume lashes placed strategically to frame the eyes. Hybrid extensions offer a variety of texture and more volume, but without the sometimes-unnatural look of volume lashes. For the clients that want a lash line with a bit more volume but not quite as full as volume extensions, then this is the route to go.


hybrid lashes extensions


What’s better, Natural, Glitter or Hybrid Lash Extensions?


Natural Lash Extensions require little preparation, so they're more affordable if budget is important to your clients. Glitter or Hybrid Lashs require a higher level of skill and time investment on the part of the technician, Because they need more meticulous processing and production of eyelashes..


Any technique is a good option for your clients, it really depends on the look your client wants to achieve, budget and the skillset of the technician. I hope you have gained better knowledge about the extensions and keep in mind that we teach all of these techniques plus more. As always, check us.