What's the secret to natural eyelash extensions for women

The secret to natural eyelash extensions

natural eyelash extensions

Nowadays, many women choose to graft eyelashes in order to improve their appearance and shorten their makeup time. This not only makes the eyes look bigger and more attractive, but also saves the time of curling and painting eyelashes every day. It's raining or sweating, and you don't have to worry about your mascara smudged. However, although grafting eyelashes is very common, if the grafting state is not very natural, it will not look very beautiful. Here's a question, what's the secret to natural eyelash extensions? After you have the secret, you can guarantee the beauty when grafting.

natural eyelash extensions for women

control of length

Many people always think that the length of the eyelashes must be longer and better looking when they first graft eyelashes, which will also be more beautiful, but what everyone does not know is that if you choose an unsuitable length, it will look very good. unnatural. And it will be more prominent visually, so that everyone can find that they have grafted eyelashes even if they not only observe themselves from a distance. Therefore, when grafting eyelashes, the choice of the length of the eyelashes is very important. If it is the first time to graft, it is recommended to choose ten centimeters or nine centimeters in length.

Of course, if you have wide double eyelids and big eyes, you can choose a slightly longer length, for example, 11 cm or 12 cm, it will look very delicate.

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On the question of what is the secret to naturally grafting eyelashes, there is a very important point, that is, the choice of type, you can choose baby straight hair, or match one or two flowers on it, in this way, the eyelashes will look more real Some, like natural true lash length.

The question about the secret of grafting eyelashes naturally is briefly introduced here. If you need to graft eyelashes, pay a little attention when choosing the type and length of eyelashes, so that the grafted eyelashes will be more natural.

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