Which material of False eyelash is good

Which material of False eyelash is good

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Synthetic and protein lashes are currently the most popular, followed by mink.

Synthetic lashes: compared with the other two kinds of lashes, synthetic lashes are harder, but their curl and shape are better. After grafting, they can obviously reflect the effect of beautiful lashes.

Protein fiber eyelash: this kind of eyelash is the closest to natural eyelash, soft, with a certain shape and curl, grafting effect is very natural.

Mink hair: This is an extremely soft eyelash, but there is less commercial circulation. After grafting, it can make eyelashes thick, slender long.

How to pick false lashes?

Tip 1:

Choose to look at the stem of false eyelashes in addition to the style. False eyelash stalks are generally divided into fish line stalks, cotton stalks, plastic stalks three.

Tip 2:

Cotton stalk is very soft, not tied eyelids, it is not easy to become warped, but the disadvantage is easy to bend deformation after tearing off the stalk, low reuse rate;

Tip 3:

Fishing line stems are better in makeup, transparent and invisible, easy to cut and stick a bunch of stickers one by one, and can maintain the original curvature after tearing off, but the disadvantage is that it is easier to fall off and warp.

Tip 4:

Plastic stalks are hard, not as good as fish line stalks and cotton stalks, but they are still a good choice for single-eyelid and double-eyelid MM, because the hard stem can hold up the eyelid, and the shaping effect is better.