Will eyelashes grow back

Will eyelashes grow back

The effect of eyelashes on people is very large. Thick eyelashes are not only beautiful, but also can help the eyes block strong light and prevent sand and dust. But many people's eyelashes tend to fall out constantly. This will affect the above effect. So, will eyelashes grow back when they fall off? Now let's explain it.

Will eyelashes grow back

Will eyelashes grow back?

Lost eyelashes can generally be regenerated, as long as the hair follicle is not damaged, it does not affect its growth. If the hair follicle is destroyed, it is impossible to grow eyelashes, especially the ulcer type of blepharitis is more obvious. When the inflammation spreads to the hair follicle, the eyelashes can fall off and cannot be regenerated. If there is blepharitis, it should be treated in time. Under normal circumstances, the conjunctiva has fallen off, and usually it can grow back to its original state in 1 to 2 months. Usually, rub the eyes with hands to prevent the eyelashes from falling off.

If the eyelashes are lost after being burned, they will not grow back. If inflammation causes eyelashes to fall out, after recovery from inflammation, eyelashes will grow back.

If the eyelashes really can't grow, we can also grow eyelashes by planting eyelashes or wearing false eyelashes.

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