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Meteor lashes is a professional manufacturer of 3D mink lashes, lash extensions and Eyelash Extension Tools. Our products include: classic lash extensions, natural lash extensions, classic eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, flutter habit lashes, brown eyelash extensions, Strip Lashes and other products. Our products have many styles, cheap prices, and are the latest, durable, and are favored by female friends. We have dozens of foreign long-term cooperative customers, we provide a price list, welcome customers and friends to contact us for more related products.

  • W Eyelash Extension

    W Eyelash Extension

    W Eyelash Extension curve beginning after the strands split into the top part of the W. This makes each row to appear 1mm longer than the respective row of the same curve of a classic lash strip. For example a 12mm long W LOOKS as long as a 13mm long classic lash of the same curve.
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  • Flat lashes

    Flat lashes

    Flat lashes means that the root is flat and has 2 split tips, which are thicker than the classic eyelashes after grafting.
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  • Eyelash Extension Glue

    Eyelash Extension Glue

    Many customers will have this problem when they buy new glue eyelash extension. Why is it not as lasting as before? This is because each glue has different consistency and formula. If you use different glue than before, you must change the grafting method. Of course, there are other reasons.
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  • Cluster Lash Glue

    Cluster Lash Glue

    Long lasting cluster Lash Glue black 5ml / 0.17 floz.For applying Lash Cluster Extension use.And you could DIY eyelash extensions with this cluster Lash Glue by yourself.Very convenient and practical.
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  • Long natural lash extensions

    Long natural lash extensions

    Meteor lashes factory is a professional manufacturer of fashion and classic Long natural lash extensions, we have many years of experience in manufacturing eyelash extension products.
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  • Wispy Eyelash Extension

    Wispy Eyelash Extension

    Please try Wispy Eyelash Extension to make Kardashian eye makeup, whih is easy to pick up
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  • Cluster eyelashes

    Cluster eyelashes

    Our brand eyelash clusters have super thin band and they are very lightweight. Comfortable to wear the whole day and whole night. Individual cluster eyelashs can be reused up to 5 times if they are nice cared.
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  • Premade eyelash fans

    Premade eyelash fans

    Premade eyelash fans are applied to your clients' lashes. The process is similar to that of easy fan lashes.
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  • Classic Strip Lashes

    Classic Strip Lashes

    Classic Strip Lashes are lashes that are attached shaped to a crescent band that can be put on to the lash lid in one piece and can be removed on demand. Meteor lashes factory is a professional Strip Lashes Supplier, manufacturer and factory. Our Strip Lashes supports wholesale customization.
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  • Fashion Classic Lash Extensions

    Fashion Classic Lash Extensions

    Meteor Lashes is one of the leading wholesale Fashion Classic Lash Extensions manufacturer, supplier, exporter, factory and wholesaler in China, welcome customized Classic Lash Extensions for sale.
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  • Long Classic Lashes

    Long Classic Lashes

    Meteor lashes factory is a world-class manufacturers of long Classic Lashes. Our main products include Eyelash Extension, Eyelash Extension Tools to meet all your requirements. Buy Classic Lashes, choose us, a professional Classic Lashes manufacturer.
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  • High Quality Stainless Steel Tweezers

    High Quality Stainless Steel Tweezers

    Buy High Quality Stainless Steel Tweezers at low price from Stainless Steel Tweezers factory, Meteor lashes provides high quality Stainless Steel Tweezers from China, cooperate with us now and get the lowest price.
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