3D Mink Eyelash Grafting Technology

3D Mink Eyelash Grafting Technology

3D Mink Eyelash

Eyelashes are skin care products for the eyes. Eyelashes grow well, and the eyes will become larger and larger. Mascara, electric eyelashes, false eyelashes, eyelash growth liquid, etc. are loved by relatives, but it takes a lot of time every day, so many female friends like to graft various styles of eyelashes. Grafting eyelashes can be easy for many days at a time, waterproof and naturally beautiful. Compared with brushing mascara and applying false eyelashes, 3D eyelash grafting is really convenient, the eyes are very attractive 24 hours a day, and the makeup is also very confident. The makeup time is greatly shortened, and there is no need to remove makeup at night. Can save a lot of time. Want to know the "3D Mink Eyelash Grafting" technology? Meteor lashes factory will share 3D mink eyelashes grafting technology.


3D Mink Eyelash Grafting Technology


What are eyelash extensions?


Grafting eyelashes is when a beautician uses professional tools and glue to stick false eyelashes on your real eyelashes one by one. Eyelashes can be kept for about 1 to 2 months after grafting, or even shorter. Only when the glue quality is good and the grafting technology is good can it last for such a long time.


Grafting eyelashes occupies a large part of the market with the advantages of simple operation and low price, so many people learn "Korean 3D eyelash grafting technology".


3D Mink Eyelashes


Many people mistakenly believe that eyelash extensions and eyelash extensions are the same technique. In fact, this is wrong. The principle of grafting eyelashes is to use professional eyelash glue on the surface of the real eyelashes, one-to-one grafting, and the principle of planting eyelashes is to transplant your own hair follicles to your own eyelashes. Eyelashes are made by a doctor who first removes the healthy hair follicle tissue of the pillowcase through microsurgery, and then separates the hair follicle tissue and transplants the hair follicles to the eyelashes. Implanted eyelashes are not easy to fall off permanently. The planted hair is your own hair, and the survival rate of the hair follicle is very high, usually above 95%.


Dan: The planted eyelashes have the characteristics of their own hair, so they need to be trimmed regularly at the beginning, the cost is relatively high, and the risks will also increase.


Maintenance method after three-dimensional mink eyelashes are grafted


1. After 3D mink eyelashes are grafted, do not touch water within 3 hours. Such as taking a shower. Avoid exposure to water vapor such as fitness, sweating, etc. for 48 hours.


2, oily skin can often carry oil-absorbing paper. When the skin feels oily, you can gently wipe the skin around the eyes with oil paper or wet wipes to keep it fresh and clean.


3. Use eye cream, sunscreen, eye cream, etc. during skin care or makeup. Don't get too close to the base of the lashes. If not washed properly, it prevents oil build-up and lashes from falling out.


4. In the daily cleaning process in the morning and evening, the root of the eyelashes should be properly cleaned, but the force should be appropriate. In particular, no active friction. A better way is to lightly splash water, blot dry after washing your face, and comb through your lashes. 5. If your lashes are staggered horizontally and vertically, remember not to pull them by hand. Otherwise, the grafted 3D mink eyelashes will be pulled away and the natural eyelashes will be broken. It can be carefully combed with an eyelash curler from the root to the end of the lashes. This allows for better management of grafted lashes.

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