How to Care of Classic Lash Extensions

How to Care of Classic Lash Extensions

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Nowadays, Classic Lash Extensions have become a fashion, but many girls will not care for the grafted Classic Lash Extensions. After a few days, the Classic Lash Extensions will have problems, which not only look ugly, but also increase the trouble, so learn how to Care of Classic Lash Extensions is also very necessary. Today, Meteor lashes factory will share with you how to care for your eyelashes after grafting! Hope it helps you!


How to Care of Classic Lash Extensions


a. Try not to get wet


1. Since the curing of eyelash glue takes time, the thick type should not get wet within 6 hours, and should be dry and clean.


2. Avoid eyelashes when washing your face. Do not directly face the eyelashes in the bath, so as not to cause the eyelashes to be deformed due to the excessive water pressure.


3. For a long time in the sauna, swimming, or in the sun, avoid staying in a high temperature and humid environment for a long time.


b. Pay attention to makeup


1. Try not to draw eyeliner and apply mascara. If the occasion needs to enhance the effect of makeup, what should you do when you have to use it? Please choose eyeliner with a soft tip and apply it on the outside of the root of the eyelashes. If the mascara is grafted, the root of the eyelashes cannot be used to remove makeup. The product is clean, so do not draw eyeliner, and do not apply mascara to the roots for easy cleaning.


2. You can't use eyelash curlers either to prevent the split ends of the eyelashes from falling off. If you feel that the curling is not enough, you can choose a curling shape when grafting again.


3. Do not paste Classic Lash Extensions on it, because the glue of Classic Lash Extensions is very sticky, and the eyelashes are inevitably messed up when the glue is removed.


How to Care of Classic Lash Extensions


c. Regular eyelash cleaning


Gently pull up the upper eyelid, use a moist cotton swab, and wipe from top to bottom along the eyelashes, slowly to the root, if there is secretion, soak it for a while and wipe it off.


When applying makeup, the foundation should fall on the eyelashes. When cleaning, you can wipe it with a slightly damp paper towel, or use a small brush to moisten and sweep away the floating.


d. About the removal of eyelashes


After the grafted eyelashes begin to fall off, the remaining eyelashes are not well shaped. At this time, do not pull and remove them yourself, as forcibly removing them will damage the original eyelashes. Be sure to go to a professional agency to deal with it! In order to prevent the eyelashes from messing up, don't rub your eyes frequently in life, and don't press the eyelashes when you sleep, so as to keep the Classic Lash Extensions more beautiful.

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