How to maintain longer eyelashes after grafting

How to maintain longer eyelashes after grafting

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash grafting is one of the types of eyelash extensions. To put it bluntly, eyelash grafting is also one of the false eyelash extensions. However, false eyelashes need to be removed every day. One of the biggest disadvantages of eyelash grafting is that the maintenance time is limited, that is, after each grafting, the false eyelashes will gradually fall off, and finally all fall off.

eyelash extensions, How to maintain longer eyelashes after grafting

If eyelash extensions want to last longer, then we must first choose from the quality of eyelashes and glue. If the eyelashes are relatively hard, the fit with the real eyelashes will be poor, and the end of the grafted eyelashes is easy to curl up, so the eyelashes are easy to fall off.

Glue is more important for eyelash grafting. Generally, when novices use glue, the viscosity will be relatively poor, but after being proficient, they will choose glue with better adhesion. The eyelashes are naturally not easy to fall off, and the maintenance time is longer. long. Before you graft eyelashes, you can first understand several types of eyelash grafting glue, and see which glue the merchant uses.

In addition to the types and glues of eyelashes, there are many ways to extend eyelashes and grafting, which is necessary for beauty-loving ladies to understand!

After the eyelashes are grafted, use as little skin care products as possible in the eye area, because the oil inside may make the stickiness of the eyelashes worse. After the stickiness is lost, the maintenance time of the eyelashes will naturally shorten.

After the eyelashes are grafted, try not to let the eyes get wet in the first two days, so that you can maintain the time of the eyelashes grafting. In addition, it is best to avoid sweating sports such as sauna, running, playing basketball, etc.

Eyelash grafting precautions:

1. Before eyelash extension, it is best to try your glue and false eyelashes to see if your skin will be sensitive. If your eyelashes and glue will irritate your skin, it is likely to have skin sensitivity problems. When grafting eyelashes, it is recommended that you go to a regular beauty salon, which can ensure the quality of glue and eyelashes to the greatest extent.

2. After the eyelashes are grafted, do not tear off the eyelashes with your bare hands. This will pull your eyelids and cause your eyelids to become loose. Over time, the eyelids will droop down, and even wrinkles will appear, which will accelerate the aging of the eye area.

After all, eyelash grafting is on the eyes, so everyone must pay attention to it. If there is some skin sensitivity or irritation, it will be bad!

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