How to remove false eyelashes with false eyelash glue remover

How to remove false eyelashes with false eyelash glue remover


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Applying false lashes is a great way to touch up fine lashes and the outline of your eyes. False eyelashes are glued to the upper eyelashes. This glue usually contains a cyanoacrylate adhesive that, like super glue, is difficult to tear off. Therefore, the process of tearing off the eyelashes should be gentle, otherwise if you are not careful, your real eyelashes may also be torn off. However, you can use a false eyelash glue remover, makeup remover, or other oil to carefully peel off the false eyelashes and remove the glue residue.

1. Remover with false eyelash glue

Buy a bottle of false eyelash glue remover. Most false eyelashes come with glue, but generally no glue remover is attached. However, you can find various brands of false eyelash glue removers in the beauty department of your local supermarket. Choose a brand that suits your skin and, if possible, a false eyelash glue cleanser from the same company as your false eyelashes.

Make sure you are not allergic to any element.

2. Remove eye makeup

Try to remove eye makeup before applying false eyelash glue remover, as the makeup of the eyelids can make it harder for you to remove false eyelashes. Use a makeup remover or baby oil to gently remove eye makeup. Pour some makeup remover on a cotton pad and wipe your eyes until most of the eye makeup is removed.

If you're wearing smoky makeup, don't try to remove it at this time. This can easily tear false eyelashes and make your eyelids feel uncomfortable. Don't use soap to wash your face and eye makeup, as it can damage both your real and false lashes.

3. Pour some eyelash glue cleanser on a cotton swab

Put a mirror in front of you and get out the false eyelash cleaner and cotton swab. Pour a small amount of detergent on a cotton swab and thoroughly wet the cotton pad. The cleaner will smell a bit like acetone, but that's normal.

4. Apply cleanser to false eyelashes

Gently rub the bottom of your eyelashes with a cotton swab covered in cleanser. Brush the bottom of your false eyelashes several times with a cotton swab to remove as much glue as possible. Do this on both eyes and wait 20 to 30 seconds.

5. Tear off false eyelashes

If you're going to throw away the false eyelashes, you can tear them off by hand. If you want to keep false eyelashes for next time, use tweezers to remove them. Hold the false eyelashes as close to your eyelid as possible, starting at the inner corner of your eye. Gently pull up to remove them from the eyelids. They should be easy to remove; if they feel tight when you rip them, apply a little more detergent and try again after 30 seconds. 

6. Remove glue residue

Put down the false eyelashes and examine the eyelids well. Because there is likely to be glue residue left on your eyeliner, which needs to be removed. You can apply more false eyelash glue cleaner to a cotton swab and rub on the glue residue. Then, use a dry cotton swab to gently wipe away the glue residue and clean the eyelids. Finish this cleanup by washing your face with a little warm water.

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