Matters needing attention in grafting eyelashes

Matters needing attention in grafting eyelashes

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Many women are dissatisfied with their short and inconspicuous eyelashes. After all, there are many disadvantages of short or scarce eyelashes, such as: the eyes look small, do not match the face, and it is easy for subtle objects to enter the eyes, so they try to find ways to want to transform into long eyelashes. Only in this way can we make ourselves more attractive in the crowd. So they choose to graft eyelashes. At the same time, we must correctly grasp the main points of grafting eyelashes to make eyelashes full of charm. . So what should be paid attention to when grafting eyelashes?

Matters needing attention in grafting eyelashes

Notes on grafting eyelashes:

1. Keep your hands steady

In order to do this, we have to find a point of support for his hands, once they have a point of support, after a period of proper exercise, the hand is almost stable! The hand is stable and the eyelashes are not moving, and the sustainability will naturally improve.

2. Follow the pliers usage standards

The eyelashes are manipulated with the folding pliers and the right pliers, which is safer during operation. This is usually a right-hand clip for the right hand, a right-hand clip! The right hand holds the folding pliers like a feather pliers, with a few fingers open to make the hand easier, and the left hand clips the right hand to an eyelash when we look for an eyelash.

3. The root of the eyelashes must be respected

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the roots of the eyelashes are respected.

4. Standard distance of mascara

The standard distance of the root is 1mm-2mm, which is more comfortable with the eyelashes.

5. Use glue

The glue must be fresh, with clear and real roots. That's why we need to wash and when you suck up the lashes, there are no drips.

6. Face yourself

Make sure the tip of the eyelashes is in front of you, this is how the eyelashes are arranged.

7. Keep the eyelashes at the arc level

Once the coupling is complete, the arc of the CIL can be seen on one side of a line, and the arc of the CIL is perfect.

The above is the "Precautions for Grafting Eyelashes". If you also want to Eyelash Extension because of short eyelashes, please contact us to wholesale and customize related eyelash extensions. There are dozens of styles, suitable for all kinds of people.

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