The dangers of grafting eyelashes

The dangers of grafting eyelashes

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For most women, they pay great attention to the overall image of their face, especially most women pay special attention to their eyelashes. They think that good eyelashes can make their facial image more beautiful and perfect. So women who are not very satisfied with their eyelashes choose eyelash implant surgery, hoping to enhance their temperament and charm. The harm of grafting eyelashes is that the damage to the eyelashes is very serious. Often the grafted false eyelashes fall off with the real eyelashes, which is not good for the eyes. It is very inconvenient to wash your face because you are afraid of washing off the false eyelashes.


The dangers of grafting eyelashes


Grafting eyelashes is very popular now. Beauty seekers pay attention to the quality of eyelashes when grafting eyelashes. The products used in the eye must choose qualified products; it also depends on the technology. Because of the operation in the eye, the beautician must have excellent technology. , The operation should be standardized so as not to hurt the eyes; be sure to choose a formal beauty institution with a good reputation and a good health condition.


Eyelash implants are suitable for the crowd:


Since autologous hair must be selected for permanent hair transplantation, the recipient must be himself, on the back or side of the head. There must be a certain number and density of hair in other parts, and secondly, the hair loss is preferably in a relatively stable period, especially at this stage Eyelashes can be transplanted only if there is no significant amount of hair loss.


The above is the answer to the general questions about the harm of grafted eyelashes. I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to everyone.

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