The difference between planting eyelashes and grafting eyelashes

The difference between planting eyelashes and grafting eyelashes

grafting eyelashes

planting eyelashes

Grafting eyelashes can increase eyelashes, increase personal charm, and more importantly, after grafting eyelashes, there is no need to draw eyeliner. After eyelash planting, there is still the effect of grafting eyelashes, which is better? What are the differences and pros and cons between the two? Please contact Eyelash Extension Manufacturers Meteor lashes to show you the difference between eyelash extensions and eyelash extensions:


The difference between planting eyelashes and grafting eyelashes


1. The fundamental principle is different


The principle of grafting eyelashes is to use professional eyelash glue on the surface of the actual eyelashes for one-to-one grafting.


The principle of eyelash implantation is to transplant your own hair follicles into your own eyelashes.


2. Different materials


Grafting eyelashes uses artificial eyelashes or eyelashes made of dog hair, pig hair, and mink fur as grafting materials.


Eyelashes are transplanted directly from the hair follicles of the back of the head to the eyes by doctors. It is your own hair follicles that are successfully cultivated, so the characteristics of the original hair follicles are maintained. Eyelashes that grow out are also cylindrical like hair, not short and thin like eyelashes. Therefore, after the eyelashes grow to an appropriate length after transplantation, it is necessary to regularly trim and heat the eyelashes to bend them.


3. The price is different


Grafting eyelashes is based on different spheres and different eye shapes. The eyelashes are glued to different shapes to visually improve the eye shape. Therefore, grafting eyelashes is cheaper, faster and more convenient than growing eyelashes. Depending on the general beauty salon, the cost ranges from 100 won to several hundred won.


The technical requirements of eyelash planting are quite high, difficult, and require the careful operation of professional doctors, so the fees are also high. In addition, eyelash cultivation requires the ordinary cultivation method and the blessing E cultivation method. The ordinary eyelash cultivation method requires more than 10,000 won, and the blessing E cultivation method costs about 20,000 won.


4. The maintenance time is different


Grafted eyelashes have a short maintenance time, usually about a month, and are glued together with special glue, so this kind of grafted eyelashes is needed. To maintain the effect, it must be applied regularly.


Eyelashes are never easy to fall off. The planted hair is your own hair, and the survival rate of the hair follicle is very high, usually above 95%. After planting, it creates metabolism like hair, and does not need to flow out. This is a real one-time-for-all, and grafting eyelashes is temporary.


5. Different security


Grafted eyelashes are artificial fiber false eyelashes, and even black-hearted merchants have launched unsterilized false eyelashes such as pig hair and dog hair, so the hygiene is completely substandard. may be blinded. Also, original eyelashes may fall out if not cared for properly.


Eyelashes are transplanted directly from your own hair follicle tissue, so there is no conflict with your own hair. If you take good care of it during the recovery period, it will be as safe and natural as the original eyelashes. Trim yourself often. Otherwise, the planted eyelashes will be larger and continue to grow. Longer, the original eyelashes longer, can cause eye disease. But compared with unhygienic and qualified eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions are much safer.


6. Different effects


Because the grafted eyelashes are made of false eyelashes, although the current grafting technology is very good, the effect after grafting is very beautiful, but the false eyelashes are false eyelashes after all, so if you look closely, you can clearly see the effect of false eyelashes.


Because the eyelashes are planted with their own hair follicles, they also grow their own hair, so they have a very natural eyelash effect, just like their original eyelashes, long and thick but very natural.


7. Recovery time is different


Grafted eyelashes are fast-drying and non-toxic vinyl, which means that false eyelashes stick to your own eyelashes, so you can see the effect of natural long eyelashes immediately after sticking one by one, and there is no recovery period. Can have long eyelashes.


Because eyelash implantation is a minimally invasive medical cosmetic surgery, the surgical process will leave a micro-trauma wound on the eye, so it takes about three months of recovery after the operation. And it will not have the effect of long eyelashes immediately after planting. After the hair follicle is transplanted, it will take a three-month growth cycle, and new eyelashes will grow after three months.


8. Aftercare is different


The eyelashes grafted today are glued to the original eyelashes, so you need to pay special attention to washing your face, putting on makeup, and removing makeup after grafting the eyelashes, otherwise the grafted eyelashes will fall off one after another, and the eyelashes will become uneven , and it is very likely to cause the original eyelashes to fall along with it. Therefore, special attention must be paid to care after grafting eyelashes.


Since there is a three-month recovery period after eyelashes are planted, it is only necessary to take proper care of the eyelashes during the recovery period. After three months, you only need to repair the planted eyelashes frequently, and the others do not need too much care. Just like your eyelashes, just follow the usual way of washing your face and makeup.


The above is to introduce to you "What is the difference between grafted eyelashes and planted eyelashes", if you want to know more about the difference between grafted eyelashes and planted eyelashes, please contact Meteor lashes factory, we are a professional manufacturer of Classic Lash Extensions, 3D Mink The manufacturer of eyelashes and other eyelashes products, the products have passed ISO international certification, welcome customers and friends to contact us.

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