Tips for applying eyelashes

Tips for applying eyelashes

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Eyelashes are a makeup effect that girls value more and more. A pair of long, thick and curly eyelashes can make people look a lot more to the eyes. If there is no natural thick eyelashes, we can use mascara. There are a lot of people who don't wear mascara. I always paint a pair of good eyelashes into a bad effect, which will not only not increase the attractiveness, but also cause an uglier effect, so let's now explain some tips for applying eyelashes.


Tips for applying eyelashes:


Tips for applying eyelashes:

1. Brush eyelashes

When we brush the eyelashes, first use the eyelash curler to have a preliminary shaping of the eyelashes, and let the eyelashes curl a little bit first, so as to have a stereotype on the eyelashes before applying mascara, and it will be more prominent when brushing. Outline. The order of brushing the eyelashes is from bottom to top. The bottom refers to the root of the eyelashes, that is, the side close to the eyelid. We can put the mascara on the eyelashes close to the eyelid and stay for a while, so that it will make Makeup effect is more obvious.

2. Don't miss every lash on your eyes

When it comes to the most easily overlooked, it must be the lower eyelashes of the eyes. The lower eyelashes are not easy to be found and seen with the naked eye. But the ones that are most easily overlooked by us are the most effective ones . If the lower eyelashes can be brushed on the eyelashes, it can also have the effect of modifying the upper eyelashes, and at the same time, it can also echo the eye makeup. Do we have any tricks when it comes to drawing? We can use a tissue to wipe off the excess paste of the mascara, and then wipe the eyelashes with the head, so that the eyelashes can be more decorated and the charm of the eyes!

3. Increase the curling degree

After applying mascara, clip the eyelashes again, and then comb the eyelashes with a special eyelash comb. This will make the lashes more curled.

The above is "what are the tips for applying eyelashes", if used properly, mascara can increase the natural beauty of eyelashes. China Meteor lashes factory is a professional manufacturer of Eyelash Extension Tools, welcome customers and friends to wholesale and customize related products.

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