Types of eyelash extensions

Types of eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions

Types of eyelash extensions, which one is right for you?

Female friends all know that a successful eye makeup is indispensable for a pair of long and thick eyelashes, so many girls choose to graft eyelashes or plant eyelashes to enhance the charm of the eyes. But as to which style of grafting to choose, whether to be a princess, or a queen of charm, and many other names, I am confused, so what are the types of eyelash grafting? Let me tell you about the following 4 aspects!

1. From the density of eyelashes, there are three types:

The first: Bushy shape, also known as Barbie shape

On the basis of natural form, encryption. One real eyelash plus 2 to 3 false eyelashes. After completion, the eyes have changed a lot, and the makeup is very strong, and people will be attracted by the flickering eyelashes the moment they look at you. At the same time, it is also very age-reducing, and it is also a magic weapon to increase self-confidence in social situations.

The second type: natural shape, also known as elegant shape

Longer, denser, and curved than real eyelashes. If you like natural and beautiful eyelashes and don't like to be discovered and processed, this style is a good choice! Suitable for work situations, as well as low-key needs. This style does not put much pressure on the eyelashes, and the eye comfort is good. It is recommended to choose this type if you are doing eyelash extensions for the first time.

The third type: exaggerated form, also known as Cleopatra

On the basis of the dense shape, it is encrypted and lengthened. 1 times longer than real eyelashes and 3 to 4 times denser. Very pretty when done, but real lashes are short and sparse and can't handle the length and density of this style. At the same time, its holding time will be shorter. Just like a person can lift two 1-meter sticks for 1 hour, three 2-meter sticks for 50 minutes, and five 3-meter sticks, the time becomes more and more inclined, and it becomes impossible to lift. If you are attending a ceremony, a party, or other occasions that require heavy makeup, this style is still the best choice.

2. In the arrangement of the shape of eyelashes, it is divided into two types:

The first type: fan shape: the middle is long and the two sides are short. The focus is in the middle of the eyes, so cute and kawaii.

The second type: flying shape: the inner corner of the eye is the shortest and the outer corner of the eye is the longest. Transition from short to long. The focus is on the outer corners of the eyes, showing a charming allure.

3. The curling degree of eyelashes is divided into 3 types:

The first type: B type, 40 degree curling degree. Universal shape.

The second type: C-shaped roll, 50 degrees of warpage, exaggerated, easy to fall off. Rarely used.

The third type: J volume, the middle of the eyelashes is 30 degrees, slightly curled. This is best for short lashes.

4. The thickness of eyelashes is divided into four types:

The first type: 0.10mm, relatively soft, suitable for the inner corner of the eye and small fluff.

The second: 0.15mm, general eyelashes.

The third type: 0.20mm, this one is thicker than the first two, so the encryption effect is more obvious, one is equivalent to two, and the encryption speed is fast.

The fourth type: blooming eyelashes, the roots of 4 to 7 eyelashes are connected together, the grafting speed is fast, the technical difficulty is low, but there is no single eyelashes natural.

The above is the "types of eyelash grafting" for you. In fact, the types of eyelash grafting are not so complicated, and it cannot be the difference in thickness, length, shape, and thickness of eyelashes. Everyone still has to graft according to their own eyelashes, and don’t pursue greater changes and effects too much. This will make your lashes look better.

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