What are artificial mink eyelashes made of? How is the quality?

What are artificial mink eyelashes made of

mink eyelashes

Mink Lashes

When grafting eyelashes, many customers like to choose artificial mink eyelashes for grafting, but what are the specific artificial mink eyelashes made of? I don’t know if consumers have learned about the real material of this false eyelashes before choosing, and what kind of material is it made of?


Mink Lashes


Artificial mink hair is actually made of an environmentally friendly silk fabric. Because of its light weight, it is very popular when used for false eyelashes. And unlike mink eyelashes, if it is artificial mink eyelashes, the cost will be much lower, basically only about one-third of the cost of mink eyelashes.


Nowadays, many eyelash manufacturers use artificial mink hair to make false eyelashes, which are also very popular in the market. Now everyone knows what artificial mink eyelashes are made of, so when you graft eyelashes in the future, if you let yourself choose, do you know what kind of false eyelashes material is more suitable for you?


In fact, regarding the choice of eyelash material, it does not mean that mink hair is necessarily a better material. In comparison, there are still many alternative products to choose from, which depends on the consumer's own plans. If you choose artificial mink hair, not only the budget for making your own eyelashes is greatly reduced, but also the aesthetics are not affected in any way. When doing eyelashes, it does not mean that after a graft is completed, there is no need to do grafting again. The basic maintenance time is only about half a month to three weeks, so you must consider the cost when doing grafting. The pressure will not be too great, and you will not feel distressed when you graft eyelashes once every two weeks.


And after knowing what artificial mink eyelashes are made of, everyone also knows that this material is very environmentally friendly, so you will not have any psychological burden on your own eyelashes, and it can also relieve the pressure of making your own eyelashes, no A good way to kill two birds with one stone?

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