What is better lashes extensions?

What is better lashes extensions

lashes extensions

Many women in life now live very delicately. They hope that every part of their body is beautiful, including eyelashes. Long and thick eyelashes can enhance the beauty of the eye area, but some people's eyelashes are relatively short, thin and sparse in life. In order to improve this problem, they will use some methods to make eyelashes grow quickly, What is better lashes extensions?


What is better lashes extensions?


Eyelash growth ingredients mainly include:




Vitamins can make eyelashes grow. Suitable for people with short lashes.


olive oil


The vitamins and minerals contained in olive oil are effective ingredients that can promote the growth of eyelashes again.




Vaseline makes eyelashes thicker and stronger to a certain extent. It is suitable for people whose eyelashes are longer but softer.


Vitamin B5


Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, its active form is coenzyme A, which has outstanding effects in hair care. Eyelashes have roughly the same structure as hair, so vitamin B5 can also make eyelashes stronger and more active.


overnight tea


Overnight tea contains more tea polyphenols, which can promote the skin's absorption of vitamins, eliminate eye puffiness, and promote eyelash growth. DIY eyelash growth serum Dissolve VB5 into overnight tea to have homemade eyelash growth serum.


Usage The above local ingredients are not specially designed for use in the eyes, so extra care must be taken when using them. First of all, use a cotton swab to wipe carefully on the eyelashes, and never get into the eyes to prevent infection. Secondly, pay attention to pressing off the excess with paper towels to prevent fat particles.


In fact, judging from the evaluation of the effect of the product, unless you are a DIY enthusiast or a girl who is particularly budget-conscious, you really don’t need to DIY yourself. The requirements for eye products are relatively high, and there are certain risks in doing it yourself. . There are many eyelash growth products and methods on the market, and you can choose the one that suits you.


Of course, you can also admire various styles of false eyelashes, such as: Premade eyelash fans, Long Classic Lashes, Wispy Hybrid Lash Extensions and other eyelash extension products. They can also help you achieve eyelash extensions quickly.

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