Why choice cluster eyelashes?

Why choice cluster eyelashes?

Meteor lashes factory

1. Cruelty free The cluster eyelashes are made of imported PET materials, super soft and lightweight. The cluster eyelash extensions are matte black can better match your own lashes. Two different styles with c curl and d curl lash extensions clusters and various lengths can help you get natural or dramatic look easily.

2.DIY=Create, Enjoy It! Want to graft lash extension, but the distance is too far or the time is not convenient? Cluster eyelashes at home with lash clusters glue, create your perfect daily look according to your own preferences, which will make you happier and more confident,just enjoy it!

3.Different lash styles & length to suit your mood: our offers multiple lengths and curls for different lash look. Lash clusters 8mm - 15mm in length. T A variety of eyelash styles, you can try to combine any style freely.


4.Low-cost alternative to eyelash extensions: Just need a little practice, you will be able to finish the eyelash look within 10 minutes. Become the master of your lashes. With professional glue, it can last 7-15 days. Save too much time!

5.How to apply lash clusters: 1. Gently take lashes off the strip by grab them at the root. 2. Apply the cluster eyelashes glue to your natural lashes and wait for a few seconds. 3.Then apply the cluster eyelashes underneath your natural eyelashes, away 2-3mm from your eyelid.


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