Will Hand Grafting Eyelashes Ruin Your Natural Eyelashes?

Will Hand Grafting Eyelashes Ruin Your Natural Eyelashes

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For eyelash grafting, because everyone can see similar shops or shops providing similar services on the roadside, many people's acceptance of grafting eyelashes has also improved a lot. So if you want to graft, will hand-grafting eyelashes ruin your natural eyelashes? If so, will my eyelashes fall off directly due to grafting, and will they grow back in the future? Or that the grafting will not have any effect on your real eyelashes. Consumers are really worried about this.



If the question of whether grafting eyelashes will destroy your natural eyelashes really affects the customer's real eyelashes and makes their own eyelashes fall off, then it will not be seen everywhere on the street now. The shop provides eyelash extension services. A product or a service may be tried by many people when it is just launched. This does not mean how good or reliable the service is, but if it has been launched for many years, it is still very popular. Popularity proves that there is no problem with this grafting service.


In grafting eyelashes, as long as you choose a reliable master, when grafting, the glue and eyelashes used are products launched by regular manufacturers, then there will be no problems in the subsequent use process. This consumption You can rest assured that you don't have to have any concerns and worries. Otherwise, if grafting eyelashes will destroy your natural eyelashes, the answer is that it will affect the eyelashes. Now there will not be so many people who choose to graft eyelashes, and look at the stars we are familiar with, many stars are grafted. Eyelashes, they wouldn't do it if it had an effect on the eyelashes.


So if you like to graft eyelashes or are interested in grafting eyelashes, you can go to the surrounding stores to inquire about the specific service price and the price charged, and then choose the appropriate length for eyelash grafting, and you don’t need to worry about the rest. Considered.

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