How to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last

How to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last

Eyelash Extensions

Making your eyelashes last as long as possible requires adhering to the recommended eyelash care routine. However, there are additional things you can do to make sure they continue to look stunning. Qingdao Meteor lashes factory, one of China Classic Strip Lashes suppliers, specialized in eyelash extensions supplies, will give you some suggestions in the following article.


How to Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last


Choose lashes matching your eye&lash shape

Understand your eye shape and lash form before obtaining eyelash extensions. There are 10 various eye forms, such as almond eyes, round eyes, eyes with broad sets, and eyes with a single lid.


How well your eyelashes adhere to your lash line will depend on the shape of your eyes. If your eyes are hooded, you should arrange your lashes differently than if they are upturned.


You should also consider your lash form. If you choose mega-curled extensions and have extremely straight lashes, not only will their grow-out be noticeable, but it will also be challenging for your lashes since they will struggle to sustain such a distinct shape. Your natural lashes will become brittle and fall out as a result of this.


A lightweight style can be your choice

Once you have determined the ideal form for your lashes, you should also select a design that strikes the ideal balance between strength and lightness.


In general, the heavier the extensions are on your natural lashes, the thicker and fuller they are. They'll rapidly fall out due to this weight.


However, lashes that are overly light and thin for your lash type could not last very long either.


The traditional eyelash extensions in the 0.05mm to 0.07mm range are often the best choices for your eyelashes.


Products based on oil should be avoided

When using eyelash extensions, stay away from anything with an oil basis close to your eyes. The characteristics of the oil will weaken the glue's adhesion and may even cause the extensions to come off.


Spend some time looking over the goods you use every day. Make sure there is no oil in your moisturizer or makeup remover. Additionally, be sure the components in any eye cream you use are safe to have near your lash line and your eyes by reading the labels.


Lie on your back when you are sleeping

If you've ever gone to bed wearing makeup, you're probably all too acquainted with the mess it makes on your face, pillow, and bed linens. Our faces will be immediately pushed up against such surfaces while we sleep on our sides or stomachs, as seen by the smeared makeup.


Consider what would happen if you performed the same thing while wearing eyelash extensions and a face full of makeup every time you sleep on your stomach or bury your face in the pillow. Because of the strain you're applying, the extensions will become less secure and may even break.


Sleep on your back to help your lashes last as long as possible.


Choose suitable eye makeup

Although we've already discussed the need to stay away from oil-based cosmetics, we wanted to focus specifically on eye makeup. Many of the eye cosmetic items you use, including eyeliner and eyeshadow, are oil-based.


Examine the eye makeup items you use in detail to extend the life of your extensions. There should be no oil in eyeshadow or eyeliner.


It's also suggested that you avoid using mascara with your extensions. Although it is secure to use, we don't advise it if you want to prolong the life of your extensions.


The lashes will become damaged and lose their form if mascara is added. Because it will be challenging to get the mascara off once it has come in contact with the extensions, they will eventually start to look dirty.


If you do wear mascara, avoid using waterproof formulas.


If you use an oil-free product, using eyeliner won't be a problem. The removal of eyeliner, however, necessitates special caution because it frequently necessitates scratching the eye. Additionally, damaging your eyelashes will occur if you brush them against your eyes.


Look into products that have little to no fallout while using eyeshadow. This will stop any substance from accumulating at your lash line and perhaps resulting in an infection.


Swimming and any other strenuous activities should be avoided

You may safely get your eyelashes moist 48 hours after having your extensions.


However, every time your eyelashes get wet, the extensions grow a little bit weaker. 


You should anticipate your extensions to last longer in the winter than in summers that are full of swimming, sunshine, and hot days. We're not suggesting that you stop exercising or swimming completely, though.

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