The difference between classic eyelash extension and easy fan eyelashs

The difference between classic eyelash extension and easy fan eyelashs

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What are the classic eyelash extension features?

Classic eyelash extension are a very popular type, which originated from Japan and consists of false eyelashes one by one. The use of classic eyelash extension grafting can finely modify the shape of eyelashes to achieve the most perfect effect. The grafting effect is natural and comfortable, with clear roots.


What are the easy fan eyelashes features?

Easy fan eyelashes have become the hottest grafting technology in the world, originating from Russia. Now there are two kinds of eyelashes for fans. One is to use classic eyelash extension to make fans by hand. Its characteristic is that the root is very thin, but it needs to learn this technology. The other is designed for grafters who will not flower by hand. There will be a small amount of glue at the root of eyelashes. After picking up more than one root, gently pinching the root will present natural and plump fans. It is relatively simple and easy to master.

The vermicelli eyelashes are made into fan-shaped eyelashes with multiple ultra-fine eyelashes (3~6) and then grafted onto one real eyelash. Multi-root grafting technology is different from traditional single-root grafting. Even if multiple ultra-fine eyelashes are grafted on one real eyelash, it will not cause burden, and the effect is layered and feather-like. The grafting of ultra-fine eyelashes can create a dazzling and beautiful effect, making eyelashes more dark, plump and dense.

Unlike the premade volume eyelashes sold on the market, the multi-root grafting technology is that the grafting technologists set the hair bundle into flowering state by themselves, and then graft it on the real eyelashes. Therefore, the number of grafting roots can be adjusted according to the length and thickness of customers' eyelashes, thus reducing the burden of real eyelashes.

                                 The difference between classic eyelash extension and easy fan eyelashs

Advantages of easy fan eyelashes different from classic eyelash extension:

Since the individual grafting is a false eyelash glued to a real eyelash, the weight of the grafting part and glue will be concentrated at one point. Because the weight is concentrated on one point, it is easy to cause eyelash burden and fall off. However, multi-root grafting can disperse the weight to 3-6 points. The weight is dispersed to reduce the burden and shedding of real eyelashes. However, for guests with soft eyelashes and little hair, there is no way to achieve the effect of grafting improvement and adjustment.

When easy fan eyelashes fall off, even if a bunch of eyelashes fall off, the gap of eyelashes will not be obvious, because other adjacent eyelashes will cover the gap. Generally speaking, easy fan eyelashes last longer than traditional individual eyelashes. Easy fan eyelashes are very suitable for guests with little or no eyelashes, and can adjust and improve.

                           The difference between classic eyelash extension and easy fan eyelashs


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