Why doesn't eyelash extension glue last?

Why doesn't eyelash extension glue last?

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Many customers will have this problem when they buy new eyelash extension glue. Why is it not as lasting as before? This is because each glue has different consistency and formula. If you use different glue than before, you must change the grafting method. Of course, there are other reasons.

1.The first reason why eyelashes fall off easily is that the root of eyelashes is not thoroughly cleaned. Generally, eyelash specialist know that if there is oil and dust on the eyelashes, the grafted eyelashes are very easy to fall off. In the process of cleaning, we must use the special detergent on the eyelashes, and we can't use clean water to save time. We all know that if our hands are stained with oily substances, we will use hand sanitizer or soap to wash, and water can't clean the oil.

So before grafting eyelashes, it is necessary to thoroughly clean eyelashes with special cleaning solution for eyelashes beauty. When cleaning, gently lift the eyelid with your left hand to expose the root of the eyelashes without opening your eyes. Gently wipe the root of the eyelashes with a cotton pad with cleaning solution, and wipe three to five times in one direction.

2.The second reason why eyelashes fall off easily is that you choose the wrong model. Many girls think that the longer the eyelashes are grafted, the better. However, many people ignore the fact that their eyelashes are also bearable. Generally, the grafted false eyelashes need to be about 1/3 longer than their own eyelashes, but some people will choose a model that is much longer than their own eyelashes in order to pursue the length, which is not determined according to the growth of their own eyelashes.


3.There are three reasons why eyelashes are easy to fall off. The grafted false eyelashes are placed incorrectly. When many eyelashes are grafted, the root of eyelashes is placed incorrectly. Generally, the grafted eyelashes should be placed on the left and right sides of eyelashes, 0.3~0.5mm away from the skin. Because in general, Asian eyelashes are straight down. The false eyelashes have radians. If the two eyelashes are completely merged, it will only happen in two cases: one is that your real eyelashes are bent, the other is that your false eyelashes are straight, but neither of these two cases will happen. If you want to keep the grafted eyelashes curved and upwarped and not easy to fall off, you must completely overlap 1/3 of the root of the grafted eyelashes and keep the arc direction consistent.

4.There are four reasons why eyelashes are easy to fall, and different eyelash extension glue have differences. The firmness of different glues varies greatly, which has a great relationship with the composition of the glue. The main component of eyelash extension glue is cyanoacrylate adhesive. The operability of glue is different according to different types. So you need to choose a glue suitable for yourself, so the old hand is suitable for quick-drying glue, and the new hand is suitable for quick-drying glue in 2 to 3 seconds. The quick-drying glue can't keep up with the speed. The speed will cause the glue to dry quickly, and the natural viscosity will be lost when you graft on it. When the glue is wire-drawing, it can't be used again, even if it is connected, it will be lost, so you need to choose a eyelash extension glue suitable for yourself.

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