Which is better for grafting eyelashes or planting eyelashes

Which is better for grafting eyelashes or planting eyelashes

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Many female friends attach great importance to eyelashes. Because good eyelashes can make people look particularly attractive, and also prevent subtle objects from entering the eyes. So we will choose to graft eyelashes or type eyelashes. But many people don't know the advantages of these two ways of dealing with eyelashes. Now explained by Meteor lashes factory.


Which is better for grafting eyelashes or planting eyelashes


Different duration


Both grafted eyelashes and type eyelashes are better, each with advantages and disadvantages. Grafting eyelashes is mainly to stick false eyelashes on the actual eyelashes through glue, which will not cause any trauma to the body, and the maintenance time is relatively short, which can generally be maintained for about a month. Because it is pasted with special glue, this grafted eyelashes must be pasted regularly to maintain the effect.


Eyelashes are never easy to fall off. The planted hair is your own hair, and the survival rate of the hair follicle is very high, usually above 95%. Moreover, if it is maintained for a long time, it can achieve the maintenance effect for a lifetime. After planting, it creates metabolism like hair, and does not need to flow out. This is a real one-time-for-all, and grafting eyelashes is temporary.


After growing eyelashes, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not eat spicy and irritating food, do not eat too greasy food, do not drink alcohol, do not drink cigarettes, strong tea, beverages, etc., take more rest, and do not overwork.


The eyelashes can also be folded for an immediate beautiful effect on women's eyes. Even if you don't apply mascara, you can have the desired eyelashes no matter how long it is. According to the eye shape, you can design clear and real eyelashes to make your eyes glow immediately. No makeup is required to make eyes bright and attractive.


Recovery time varies


Grafting eyelashes is to stick the eyelashes on your own eyelashes with fast, quick-drying and non-toxic black glue, so you can see the effect of natural eyelashes after sticking one, and there is no recovery machine, so it can be long after grafting. eyelashes. It takes a long time to grow eyelashes.


Which is better for grafting eyelashes or planting eyelashes


The above is "Which is better for grafting eyelashes or planting eyelashes". Grafting eyelashes or planting eyelashes which are good, depending on personal preference and suitability. Meteor lashes factory specializes in a wide range of products suitable for lash extensions, including Brown Eyelash Extensions, Classic Lash Extensions and Faux Mink Eyelashes. Please consult the eyelash factory for details.

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