Why choice wispy eyelash extension?

Why choice wispy eyelash extension

wispy eyelash extension

Wispy eyelash extension is a kind of volume eyelashes. The difference is that the middle of eyelashes is composed spike of many

hairs. It has a light, fluffy and charming appearance. After grafting, the eyes look bright and broad, more like comic eyes.


The concept and idea of wispy eyelash extension came as an inspiration and brainwave from Kim Kardashian. Thus, they often get

called Kim K lashes as well. They serve as the perfect means of adding appeal and glamour to a woman’s face, allowing for an

increase in her allure.

Wispy eyelash extension can be used with other eyelashes to produce different effects, wispy+YY, wispy+W eyelashes, wispy+color



Wispy eyelash extension safer for your eyes. It’s not a secret that a very intense lash set can literally poke the surface of your eyes,

causing pain and irritation. Natural lash extensions are usually much more soft and silky, and their less dense application makes

them less likely to cause problems in that area. What’s more, they do not weigh your own lashes down as much, keeping them

away from your eyeballs.

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